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What are the seven secrets to success in selling?

Work all the time you work!

1.Get serious about your work – Make a decision to go all way to the top

2.Identify your limiting skill(s) to sales success

3.Get around the right people and get away of negative people

4.Take excellent care of your physical health

5.Visualize yourself continually as the very best in your field

6.Talk to yourself positively; control your inner dialogue

7.Positive Actions

  • Get going
  • Get busy
  • Get moving
  • Develop a “Sense of urgency.”






You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Ass. 

You have to get out of the building and meet people.

Selling is seeing people.

If you don’t have people to sell to, you really have nothing to sell.

So get up and get moving!


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